Lavender Flower for Weddings

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Lavender is available July – August. We have the best supplier of lavender in the Fraser Valley. Call us to book your July August Wedding  2013



Lavandula spp. (la-VAN-dew-lah)


Lavender plants will grow to about 2 feet tall. They are grown mostly for their fragrant, lilac-colored flowers and silver leaves, which have been used for perfumes, bathing, cosmetics, foods and medicines for centuries. They have small florets that grow in dense, spiked clusters on stems that are 16 to 20 inches long.

Lavender flowers come in hues of blue, purple, violet and white.

MEANING The name “lavender” has its root in the Latin word “lavare” or “lavo,” which means “to wash,” in reference to lavender’s use since ancient times to make perfumes and scented soaps.
FAMILY Lavandula is a member of the Lamiaceae, or mint, family. Common relatives include sage, coleus, rosemary, thyme, oregano and the mints. Lavandula includes more than 30 species, dozens of subspecies, and hundreds of hybrids and cultivars.
ORIGINS Lavender plants are native to the Mediterranean region


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