Funeral and Sympathy Arrangements

    Funeral and Sympathy Designs

The passing of a friend or loved one can be difficult, but sympathy flowers from Buckets Fresh Flower Market and Florist can help begin the healing process. Sympathy flowers provide the opportunity to express how much the departed means to you. Celebrate the life of your loved one with a beautiful sympathy flower arrangement.

Styles of sympathy and funeral flowers vary a lot from flower shop to flower shop depending on your designer and flowers they have in stock.

We are very fortunate to have an enormous selection of all varieties of flowers.  We are only 1 hour away from the largest dutch flower auction in Canada and buy bi weekly to provide the freshest flowers to our customers.

We decided to design our sympathy flowers in the British style of arranging.  Buckets Flowers has a designing selection guide from  Great Britian to help you select the perfect funeral or sympathy flowers.

What does that mean? Big, bold, lots of variety of flowers and unique greens

If you are ordering from a distance and can’t meet with our designer we can certainly discuss what you need over the phone, or you can securely order from our website

Buckets Flowers can also design a special one of a kind design for your loved one, expressing a very personal aspect of their life. Examples of tributes made in flowers are a cat or dog, motorbike, car, football, horses head, flags, jersey, guitar – just ask if it is possible to make your idea in flowers


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